11 Mar 2024 1 day open

A Pass in this Examination is a Pre-requisite to the Rock Guiding Training Course. It is a Pass/Fail examination.

This is an assessment of technical rock skills, knowledge and rock climbing ability in a pass/fail situation. It covers a variety of rock types and climbing styles.

NZOIA Rock II qualification accepted as an equivalent pass of this assessment as a prerequisite for NZMGA guides training pathway.



Participants are required to demonstrate:

  • Ability to plan the climb eg. rack up appropriately
  • Efficient and safe clipping of quickdraws
  • Efficient and safe placement of camming devices, stoppers and slings (show understanding)
  • Understanding of modern belay techniques and devices
  • Safe and efficient threading of DBBs for lower off
  • Equalising multi-bolt bolt and gear anchors for top rope and multi-pitch
  • Efficient rope management for multi-pitch
  • Abseil multi-pitch and prussiking

Topics covered / assessed:

  • Physical rock climbing ability
  • Rock Shoes
    • Minimum climb grade 20 Ewbank cleanly placing trad gear.
    • Minimum grade 21 Ewbank on bolts
  • Mountain Boots
    • Minimum climb grade 14 Ewbank eg The Big Corner - Wanaka
  • Climb with efficiency of movement and technique
  • Climb with ability to read terrain
  • Display evidence of rock climbing mileage and experience
  • Technical rock climbing skills

This 1 day assessment course is typically held at Christchurch Port Hills, Wanaka or Queenstown.