Entry onto the Alpine Trekking Guide Level 1 Course, requires:


  • Applicants must present for consideration to the Training Officer an Alpine Trekking Logbook showing at least 30 logged days that covers a minimum of 3 years of summer and winter seasons in New Zealand:
    • To include a minimum of 3 separate geographical mountain regions;
    • To demonstrate depth of experience, i.e. valley to summit, multiple pass crossings, river crossing and off track experience;
    • Experience outside of New Zealand will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.


  • Mountaineering routes or ascents to include:
    • At least two ascents of Aoraki Mount Cook seriousness grade III  routes or above;
    • At least 4 routes or ascents of Aoraki Mount Cook seriousness grade II routes or above;
    • At least ten routes or ascents of Aoraki Mount Cook seriousness  grade I.



Persons with extensive industry experience are encouraged to submit applications requesting recognition of their prior experience to gain exemption from the Snow and Ice Guide Course and/or the Assistant Alpine Trekking Guide course. Full details of previous courses taken and industry experience should be sent to support the Application; and the exemption(s) applied for clearly stated.